To make humanitarian donations into Mexico, we advise following the following procedures and rules:

1. There are 3 different ways to bring donations into Mexico:

a. Franchise
 A Mexican national residing in the border region, may bring merchandise with a
value that does not exceed $ 150 per person, cumulative up to $ 400 dollars, when
it is transported by more than two people in the same vehicle.
 An international passenger residing in the USA may enter merchandise with a
value that does not exceed $ 300 per person.

b. Import
 If the merchandise exceeds the amount indicated before, and does not exceed the
equivalent of US$3000 dollars, it must be imported through the «self-declaration»
area of the Tax Administration Service (SAT). The tax corresponding to the
global rate of 16% must be paid for the surplus of its franchise.

c. Via an authorized non-profit.
 For any merchandise that exceeds the previous amount, and that must be
transported in a truck, the process must be done through a non-profit organization
authorized by the SAT, such as the Red Cross; they must get a previous authorization from the SAT. For this purpose, you must send a full list of donations collected to the email The authorization may take 1 to 2 weeks.

2. Take into account the following rules:

a. Donations that are entered through the procedures of Franchise or Importation must be
delivered to the Red Cross of the state of Baja California. Attached you will find a list of
items that the Red Cross will be receiving as donations.

b. Prioritize “basic needs” items, such as bottled water, toiletries, footwear, new clothes,
tents, canned food, wheelchairs and orthopedic material. The following products may not
enter Mexico as donations: Fruits, vegetables, meats or any other perishable food; bulk
grains; milk (liquid); medicines; used clothing and shoes; nor toys. Grains such as rice,
beans or lentils can enter as long as they are packaged in branded bags.

c. Create a list of the merchandise that you will give as a donation, keep a copy as a receipt since you must deliver another one at the collection center.

d. Take into account that donations that exceed US$2,500 dollars, must carry out an export
procedure before the corresponding US authorities.

e. You may direct any questions regarding international donations, to Eduardo at cel +52 1
664 413 4085 or email You can also contact Lic. Carmen Flores
of SAT at + 52 664 624 2300 ext. 70762 or 70754 or email for
guidance on the admission of donations to Mexico.