Tijuana Mayor now called “Trump Jr” as he adopts trump hate speech when
referring to recently arrived Honduran migrants. “Human rights are for humans” Mayor stated on Milenio National TV, he also stated that the migrants bring crime and disease.

Hate words, lead to hate action, and just as it has led to a rise in hate in the United States, Tijuana has now been infected by a disease called donald trump.
Racist groups are now penetrating San Diego’s sister city as recently Paola Zuniga an anti immigrant “brown nationalist” went to playas de Tijuana to incite violence.

While Border Angels held a “Migrants are welcome here” press conference on Saturday outside its Embajda Migrante shelter in playas de Tijuana, several residents stated “hate is not welcome here, Mayor “trump jr” Gastelum
is an embarassment to Tijuana and Mexico” .

Residents also complained that US CBP and Border Patrol helicopters frequently cross into Mexican territory, on the Mexican side of the wall.
While in Playas de Tijuana Saturday we saw this happen several times (see picture) .
Today pro Tijuana residents planned a pro migrant rally, but due to Gastelum’s racist messages, anti immigrant groups from San Diego and Tijuana will join Gastelums call to say no to migrants and chant “build that wall”.

Just as love has no borders, neither does racism. Border Angels will continue to side with love.
As more than two dozen journalist from all over the world attended Border Angels Saturday’s press conference, more than 100 Angels volunteers left water in the Imperial Valley desert to save migrant lives.
This Thursday, turkey sandwiches for day laborers,
next Saturday, “caravan of love” from Los Angeles. 

Peace & Blessings to all,
Enrique & the entire border angels family.
Love, si se puede!
Gracias !


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